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Or location of your choice                                                   With Douglas Beasley

Invest in your artistic growth and move your skills or career forward with an intensive one-on-one private or small group workshop.

Doug will custom design your workshop together with you around your needs and desires for growth based on a holistic approach, examining all aspects of your creative process. Besides numerous photo exercises and assignments with individual feedback, you could review your web site and on-line presence, work on your identity materials, get advice on marketing, review past photo work or projects, have guided studio or field photo sessions with or without models, discuss artistic direction and set specific goals for the future as well as develop an action plan for achieving them.

The workshop can held be at the Douglas Beasley Photography office/studio/darkroom in Saint Paul, MN or at the Trade River Retreat Center Vision Quest’s secluded, very private NW Wisconsin facility in the woods, or held at a combination of the two locations. Gourmet, custom-made healthy meals will be prepared for you from fresh organic or locally-sourced ingredients by our own personal chef and served in a casual, relaxed setting. Private lodging and all transportation during the workshop are also provided.  Models can also be provided for a nominal additional expense. The workshop can also be held at another location of your choice (such as the Badlands of South Dakota or your own home or studio), with airfare and lodging provided by you.

This can be a private one-on-one custom designed workshop for yourself or for a small group of two or more. Doug can also facilitate a custom workshop for your larger group or photo club at your location. A pre-workshop get together or phone/video chat meeting will help set the tone and identify issues and preferences for structuring your time together.

Your custom workshop also includes a follow-up meeting, in person or by phone/video chat, scheduled a month later to review work created during the workshop. This intensive, custom-tailored workshop is certain to provide photographic as well as artistic growth.

If you are really going to be serious about photography…you have to immerse yourself in it. And it’s in those periods of immersion that the greatest rewards occur.
– John Sexton

Your private workshop can include:

  • A pre-workshop consultation
  • Discovering your artistic direction
  • Review and overhaul of your artistic process
  • Review and critique of past bodies of work, looking for threads and themes
  • Portfolio building or review, critique and analysis
  • Review and critique of your website with analysis of your on-line presence
  • Artistic development; discovering your artistic style, vision and direction
  • Review and prepare work to submit for publication
  • Preparing and submitting a photo book for publication
  • Preparing and editing an on-demand published book
  • Finding the right gallery or exhibit space
  • Submitting your work to for a gallery exhibit or gallery representation
  • Goal setting and developing action plan for implementing goals
  • Development of a vision plan based on your intended direction
  • Finding your place in the market- local, national or international
  • Developing a marketing and promotion plan
  • Creating an identity, branding materials, etc.
  • Specific timetable set up to reach your goals
  • Custom photo assignments and exercises, in studio or on location
  • Image review and critique of assignments, based upon your personal goals
  • Image editing and corrections using Bridge, Lightroom, Photoshop or iPhoto
  • Writing exercises to help clarify your personal and artistic path
  • On-camera, off-camera and studio lighting set up and use
  • Guided photo shoots that could include models/nudes/portraits (models provided)
  • Review and analysis of tools used- camera system, computer, software, printer
  • Technical advice and training
  • Fine-tuning your darkroom or digital printing skills
  • Complete one-on-one 100% access during custom workshop

Student Testimonials About This Workshop:
“Just want to say thank you for sharing your creative vision. I have learned a lot. I also want to thank you for the gift of your time. I truly know that time is precious and I thank you for that gift. I enjoyed seeing your studio and your beautiful home. It is so reflective of you and your spirit.
I don’t know what you said or how you told me but all of a sudden, I am getting this exposure thing. It is now making sense to me for the first time since I have begun using my SLR. I know that this area is not your love but whatever you did, thank you thank you. This is a HUGE step for me. I am just so excited about finally getting this. Also, I have already gone into Bridge and tried out the quick tips you showed me and I see how that works.” ­  – Dr. Sharon Moore, Associate Professor, Athabasca University, Alberta, Canada

More Testimonials
“Doug, you are one amazing being. I am always so inspired by your willingness to respond to your own heart and take the steps to truly self-actualize. It’s always a pleasure to share steps along the path with you.”
Rebecca Pavlenko, Photographer and Educator, Saint Paul, MN

“I find it so uplifting to see others truly living on the path that was intended for them and—I would say that you are doing that. I just want to commend you for sharing your work with others and for opening your soul to the world. I strongly believe in photographers and artists helping one another with their work.”
Sara Danielson, Photographer, Minneapolis, MN

“I first encountered Doug’s work when researching instructors at a local photography center. It was one of those rare moments of clarity for me–I had a vision of the kind of photographer I wanted to be and set out to find a way to meet him. It was well over a year before I came across his workshop Renewing Your Photographic Vision–exactly what I needed. It was an enlightening period for all photographers involved and led me to a support group of friends as well as a mentorship and friendship with Doug. Our relationship is less like teacher and student and more like friends who share life. Art is more than simply talking about tools, sharing the latest camera equipment or technique. It is affected holistically by life, which we in turn express through our photography.”
– Sarah Rust Sampedro, Photographer, Minneapolis, MN

View student photography from the Trade River Retreat Center

View Doug’s photos from the Trade River Retreat Center

DATES: Call or email for available dates.

COST: $2,550.00 Five-day workshop, all-inclusive. $100 for each additional person.
Includes lodging, gourmet meals, pre and post workshop consultation.
Models available for additional fee.
(Deposit of $500 paid to Vision Quest)

$1,950.00 Three-day workshop, all-inclusive. $100 for each additional person.
Includes lodging, gourmet meals, pre and post workshop consultation.
Models available for additional fee.
(Deposit of $500 paid to Vision Quest)

Private Workshop

  • Deposit required for workshop registration. For additional security send last 4 digits of credit card with expiration date in a separate following email. If you want to submit registration form by mail: Print out this page, fill in the form and mail with your payment payable to: Vision Quest Photo Workshops, 2370 Hendon Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108-1453. You can also fax this form with your credit card information to 651.644.2122. Questions or late registration, call Beasley Photography, 651.644.1400. Directions and list of what to bring will be sent following receipt of deposit. A portion of proceeds goes towards environmental preservation. View our Payment/Cancellation Policy (as a PDF).



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