Photographic adventures for personal, spiritual and artistic growth.
All experience levels welcome.



Hamakua Coast, Big Island, Hawai’i
Travel/Destination Workshop
with Douglas Beasley
February 22 – March 3, 2019


This is not your parents Hawaii. This is an incredible journey to the old authentic and indigenous Hawaii and not the pre-packaged tourist version. Even if you’ve been to Honolulu and Waikiki on the Island of Oahu please join us because you have not seen or experienced anything close to this Hawaii. Some highlights will be a trip to the lava flow on the island’s active volcano, black sand beaches, spectacular waterfalls, wandering through old plantation villages, Buddhist temples, ancient stone spiritual grounds and meeting and hanging out with with some of the islands many artists and photographers. Continue for more info…

Yunnan Provence, SW China & Shangri-La, Tibet
Travel/Destination Workshop
with Douglas Beasley
March 13-26, 2019

This is an amazing journey to a beautiful, ethnically diverse corner of China that still has very few Western tourists. We stay at the stunning Linden Center, which has won numerous awards for both service and level of accommodation, as one of China’s best boutique hotels.  Continue for more info…

Badlands of South Dakota
Assignment/Response Workshop
with Douglas Beasley
May 23 – 27, 2019


Whether you are a very experienced people or figure photographer or you are a complete novice who has never worked with the nude, this is a wonderful opportunity to work with the figure in the landscape in a supportive, non-sexist, non-competitive environment. Continue for more info…

Celtic Spirit: Ireland from Dublin to Dingle
Strabo Photo Tour Collection
Travel/Destination Workshop
with Douglas Beasley
July 6 – 16, 2019

Explore the less traveled Ireland as we cross the Southern coast of Ireland on this unique photo tour. Starting in the great city of Dublin, we then travel along the Eastern seaboard to photograph fishing villages and the beautiful Wicklow Mountains, crossing the Southern Coast of Ireland to Kinsale, one of the most colorful towns of all Ireland. Then on to famed County Kerry, with many photo opportunities that most tourists never see, from Killarney to the breathtaking Dingle Peninsula. Continue for more info…

Wild Rice Retreat, Bayfield, WI

Assignment/Response Workshop
with Douglas Beasley
July 24 – 28, 2019

This is not about making ‘pretty’ pictures or ‘postcard’ like records of one’s travels. It is about making a deeper, more authentic connection to whatever out chosen subject is, then learning to express that connection through our photography. We will be using land, sky, and water, as well as ourselves, to transform an emotional experience into a visual one. This workshop will be about making, not taking, photographs by nourishing a deepening connection to our heart/soul/self and then bringing that awareness into our photo making process. We will work on giving our photos deeper layers of meaning to make stronger, more powerful and memorable images. Continue for more info…

Maine Media Workshops, Rockport, Maine
Assignment/Response Workshop
with Douglas Beasley
August 11 – 17, 2019

Join us for a powerful week of exploring new ways of seeing and making photographs that come from a more personal and intimate place.  We will learn to harness intuition, quietness, personal spirituality and even introversion as creative forces in our art and photography. We revitalize our creativity by exploring the relationship between subject, camera and self. By cultivating simplicity with purpose and vision, we will create more powerful and personal photographs, supporting the concept that a photograph is not ‘taken’ but instead ‘made’. We will put new depth and meaning in our photos by becoming more in touch with our inner selves, then use that awareness to deepen the connection with our chosen subject; whether person, place, or thing. Continue for more info…

Antigua, Guatemala
Travel/Destination Workshop
with Douglas Beasley 
September 13 – 22, 2019

Join us in exploring the mysterious, exotic Mayan world of Guatemala, a land where the indigenous live as they have for centuries. The stunningly beautiful colonial town of La Antigua will be our home base and introduction to outdoor markets, music, food and culture. We will stay in a colonial hacienda, with lush courtyard gardens, in the heart of town close to the “Arch” and not far from Parke Central, the town center where abundant street life and many small shops revolve around. Continue for more info…

japan1011_Japan_037Kyoto, Japan
Travel/Destination Workshop
with Douglas Beasley 

Postponed until Fall 2020

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Thailand & Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Travel/Destination Workshop
with Douglas Beasley 
November 1 – 16, 2019

Thailand and Angkor Wat are an irresistible combination of breathtaking natural beauty and inspiring temples. Travel from bustling Bangkok with brightly decorated temples, wander through traditional Thai markets, and trek through the hill tribes from Chiang Mai, where you will interact and feel at home in the local villages. Fly to Cambodia, walk amidst the fascinating jungle clad temples and mysterious stone carvings of Angkor Wat, along with lesser known visited ruins, and photograph the unique floating fishing villages. Continue for more info…








Artists Retreats & Custom Photo Workshops
Near Grantsburg, NW Wisconsin
1.5 hours drive from the Twin Cities, MN

Vision Quest’s Trade River Retreat Center is available for individual/small group (up to 6) personal retreats, private workshops, artist residencies or a custom workshop for you or your group created by Doug. This beautiful, very private, north woods setting rests on the banks of the Trade River, a designated trout stream and protected waterway. Continue for more info…


Kathleen on the Bridge, Taos, New MexicoTrade River Retreat Center, NW Wisconsin
Or at your chosen location…
with Douglas Beasley
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Invest in your artistic growth and move your art forward with an intensive one-on-one private or small group workshop. Custom design your workshop together around your needs and desires for growth based on a holistic approach, examining all aspects of your creative process. Continue for more info…


Kathleen on the Bridge, Taos, New Mexico

With Douglas Beasley
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Invest in your artistic growth and move your career forward with a custom-designed Mentorship. Focus your creative vision, develop your photographic talents and advance your artistic and career goals with a mentorship. Includes analysis of current positioning and developing a structured plan for successful implementation. Also includes private one-on-one workshop. Continue for more info…