earthmeetsspiritEarth Meets Spirit; A Journey Through the Sacred Landscape

EARTH MEETS SPIRIT: A Journey Through the Sacred Landscape

Published by 5 Continents Editions, Milan, Italy
Hardcover, 112 pages, rich four-color reproduction printed on beautiful paper
Distributed in the USA and Europe by Abrams
Distributed in France and Italy by 5 Continents Editions

• Design by Krista Matison
• Forward by Winona LaDuke
• Introduction by George Slade
• Afterword by Ansel Woodenknife and Franco Salmoiraghi

Reviews of Earth Meets Spirit in Shambala Sun, July 2012 and in Photographer’s Forum, Spring 2012.
Excerpts also printed in The Sun, November 2012, Tricycle, Summer 2012 and October 2012 Lenscratch blog post.

Available online at Barnes & Noble and Photo Eye Bookstore
In these and many other bookstores worldwide:
– Banyen Books, Vancouver, BC
– Salt Springs Island, Vancouver Island, BC
– Maine Media Workshops bookstore, Rockport, Maine
– Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat Center bookstore, Oregon
Micawbers, St. Anthony Park, St. Paul, MN
Birchbark Books, Kenwood, Minneapolis, MN
West Photo, Minneapolis, MN
Gallery 360, Minneapolis, MN
– Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis. Minneapolis, MN
VisionQuest Gallery of Contemporary Photography, Genoa, Italy
– Castillo D’Albertis Cultural Museum gift shop, Genoa, Italy
– Officine Fotographiche, Rome, Italy
La Chambre Claire photo bookstore, Paris, France

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