Photo Editing Tips


1) Editing is a virtue. Practice being decisive.

2) Less is more! Showing fewer images is usually better than showing more.

3) More is often too much.

4) Start strong and end strong.

5) The first photo is very important and sets the tone and anticipation for the rest.

6) The last photo is very important and is the visual impression you will leave them with.

7) If you have to make a choice between several similar images remove the weakest ones first.

8) If you have to make a choice between 3 or more images just compare 2 at a time and pick one of those two. Then compare it against the next image.

9) If there are 2 similar images in your portfolio, keep them next to each other to highlight the difference between them. Separating them will make it seem like you are trying to hide the fact that you have similar images in there.

10) The best computer or editing accessory is a good chair, (like an ‘Aeron Chair’ by Herman Miller).

11) A balance ball is a good alternative (about $30 from yoga supply shops)

12) Seek the opinion of others, but only those you trust visually.

13) Don’t make decisions by a vote. Your photography is not a democratic process nor is it a popularity contest.

14) Weigh opinions of others but learn to trust your own instincts.


©Douglas Beasley 2014