SE Center for Photography, Greenville, SC
Assignment/response workshop
with Douglas Beasley
April 21-23, 2017

Revitalize your photography while exploring your relationship to your subject, your camera and yourself. Through photo exercises, assignments and daily field trips participants will learn to deepen their visual awareness and self expression while clarifying their approach, making their image making both more personal and more meaningful.

This workshop provides a unique opportunity to rethink our expectations of what it means to ‘see’. We will work on cultivating simplicity and making more powerful photographs, supporting the notion that a photograph is not ‘taken’ but made. We become better photographers by becoming more in touch with our inner selves and then use that awareness to deepen our connection with our subject, whether it’s a person, place, or thing.

This is a challenging invitation to redefine not only what is personally suitable subject matter but your whole approach to photography. Inspiration will be sparked by a balance or conversation, meditation, readings, poetry, or whatever means necessary. Bring your camera and plenty of film or extra memory cards because most of the day you will be working on photographic exercises and assignments to facilitate both internal and external experience and growth.

This is the perfect workshop if you are looking to take your photography to a deper more personal level or if you want to try an abbreviated version of Doug’s popular week long seminar on “Zen and the Art of Photography’. The SE Center for Photography seeks to encourage and inspire the photographer in all of us. It’s located in the charming Village of West Greenville, a textile mill village turned arts district.

View student photography from the Zen and the Art of Photography workshops

View some of Doug’s photography 

Who Should Attend:
While participants must have a working knowledge of their camera, the creative process of image making will be emphasized over the mechanics of camera use. Both digital and film, in all formats, welcome. Open to all levels of experience but better suited to those looking to expand their creativity and vision.

Student Testimonials From This Workshop:
“I feel that I haven’t quite got words yet to convey how important and transformational my time at Breitenbush was. It’s funny that I have been avoiding “logging on” and answering emails for the last 3 weeks for the emotions it wells in me. I look forward to our paths crossing again. Thank you for offering an open heart.” — Deb Walsh, Melbourne, Australia

More Testimonials

“I am doing great since the workshop! I feel like my work has really catapulted to a new level, and my energy and creative flow are so much smoother. I am working on my FIRST paid photo job. Thank you so much for the profound impact you have made in my life.” — Ann Frantzeskos, Eugene, OR

“What an amazing experience I had with all of you! I’m home now, easing slowly back into the routine — certainly more inspired and open to possibilities. Thanks Doug for creating such a dynamic and safe place to explore my heart and my photography.” — Kira Stoll, San Francisco, CA

“I had a wonderful time at the workshop… Thanks Again! What an inspiration. Literally. Down to the meaning of the word… ‘to breathe in’. Thanks for helping me breathe again.” — Hollye Schumacher, Scottsdale, AZ

“I had a wonderful experience in your workshop. I enjoyed everything about it!!! It was the inspiration that I needed to get going with my photography again. Thank you again for coming into my life.” — Shirley Buck Grants Pass, OR

“I find it so uplifting to see others truly living on the path that was intended for them and — I would say that you are doing that. I just want to commend you for sharing your work with others and for opening your soul to the world. I strongly believe in photographers and artists helping one another with their work.” — Sara Burbidge, San Francisco, CA

“The week at Breitenbush was a pivotal, cathartic, moment in my life. It started a process that allowed me to reflect on who I was and where I was going.” — Erik Tandberg, New York

“I am shooting a fair amount and using all of the lessons I learned from you. It makes a tremendous difference in how I see and the images that I get. I hope to take another workshop from you in the future.” — Pat Torguson, Eugene, OR 

“You gave so much to us, Doug, and no doubt all your students are touched by your generous spirit. It was a lovely group, indeed.” — Cheryle Van Scoy-Mosher, Carpenteria, CA

“I wanted to share with you that some of the lessons I learned from your Breitenbush workshop are finding their way into my photography. I find myself really paring back and looking at things very simply.” — Ken Choat, Jackson, WY

“Well, I made it home physically but my heart is still in the woods with all of you! What an incredible workshop. Thank you so much Doug for offering this opportunity. And thank you — all of you — for an experience that has enriched my life!!” — Catherine Just, Los Angeles, CA

“I wish to thank you dearly for sharing your gentle spirit we experienced throughout the workshop in Breitenbush. Not only did that week help my ability for stillness in photography but overflowed into my everyday living.” — Marti Corn, Houston, TX

“What a wonderful workshop! Thanks for more tools to see better and a further insight into living in the present!” — David Pitzer, West Linn, Oregon

Friday-Sunday, April 21-23, 2017

COST: $375 Early Registration
            $425 Regular


REGISTRATION: Contact SE Center for Photography