1440 Multiversity, Santa Cruz, CA
Assignment/response workshop
with Douglas Beasley
July 30-Aug 4, 2017

Revitalize and strengthen your photography while exploring your relationship to your subject, your camera, and yourself. Through daily field trips, photo assignments and exercises, participants will learn to deepen their visual awareness while both simplifying and clarifying their approach. By expanding the boundaries of our vision we discover the unique in the commonplace and the creative potential in the ordinary as well as in the extraordinary.

We learn to create more powerful images through finding our own voice while remaining open to new possibilities, supporting the notion that a photograph is not “taken” but made. We become better photographers by staying in touch with our inner selves through the creative process and use that awareness to form a deeper connection with our chosen subject.

Inspiration will also be sparked by conversation, examples, meditation, readings, writing, poetry or any other means necessary. Much of our time is spent in the field on daily photo adventures with Doug. Daily exercises and assignments concerned with internal and external visual growth will lead to better photographs. We will also pay attention to the most effective use of natural light and address exposure issues but the creative process will be the main emphasis.

Who Should Attend:
While participants must have a working knowledge of their camera, the creative process of image making will be emphasized over the mechanics of camera use. Both digital and film, in all formats, welcome. Open to all levels of experience but better suited to those looking to expand their creativity and vision.

Student testimonials from this workshop:
“I just wanted to write you and tell you what an incredible experience your latest workshop in Santa Fe was. It was exactly what I was looking for and more! You’re such an inspirational teacher. In fact, today after work I am going out and doing your simplify exercise.” — Nate Proctor, Walnut Creek, California

More Testimonials

“I just wanted to write you and tell you what an incredible experience your latest workshop in Santa Fe was. It was exactly what I was looking for and more! You’re such an inspirational teacher. In fact, today after work I am going out and doing your simplify exercise.” — Nate Proctor, Walnut Creek, California

“Thank you so much for the experience you gave me. I appreciate your attention to detail, and the time you took with me. I enjoyed sharing your art and creating mine. I feel so blessed to have met you and shared time with you.” — Tillye Kamin, Austin, Texas

“The week’s experience with you has provided a base for my recommitment to photography. Everyone’s willingness to share and to listen to our personal individual photographic ‘hang-ups’ was very special.” — Woody Widlund, North River, NY

“I would like to thank everyone for sharing their love, ideas and experience. I feel very grateful to have shared a week with such an amazing group of people. Now I’m preparing to go back to school with a healthy dose of inspiration.” — Kevin Lenihan, Chapel hill, NC

“I want to thank you again for what I learned and experienced in Santa Fe. I often find myself focusing on what I learned in your workshop and applying it during my shooting. I am also much more confident in my work and my vision.” — Cheryl Malone, Quincy MA

“I am really writing to thank you for a life changing experience. My wife and I cried as we reviewed my photos from the course — especially the self-portrait. I know your teaching, or leading, has touched others before, but I hope you live a rich life for the incredible experience you have given me. And I learned some photography too.” — Blake Martin, South Windsor, CT

“I just want to send a personal note to tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop. I learned things that will help me move forward in my search for more creativity and feeling in my work.” — Jim McKinniss, Rodondo Beach, CA

“I found your workshop to be very expansive to my way of viewing and potentially creating photos. “This way of seeing is just a glimpse now, but I hope to continue to develop that part of me. Which I think is actually just letting my authentic voice/vision be heard instead of stifled by how I think I should be photographing. Thank you for creating an open and supportive atmosphere.” — Mary Lynn Sasso, Kensington, CA

“I have been thinking of you lately and feeling so grateful for your class. I have grown so much thanks to your guidance. With your class I am in love with photography again.” — Susan Boe, Santa Fe, NM

“My images from this week have a certain resonance and emotional vibrance that my previous images did not have.” — Bob Kessler, Chicago, IL

“I’ve had time to reflect a bit on your class and I wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful week! What a blessing that you generously share so much of yourself, your talent, experience and wisdom… I feel richer as a photographer and richer as a person from the experience last week.’” — Kathy Oliver, Houston, TX


View student photography from the Zen and the Art of Photography workshops

View some of Doug’s photography

Dates: Sunday July 30 to Friday August 4, 2017

Cost: $450

Register: Directly through 1440 Multiversity

Class limit: 15