– Visualize the kind, style, mood and feel of the photos you want to make

– Become aware of what you want the photos to express

– Format the memory card (after downloading any existing photos)

– Set the file size to RAW or large JPEG (RAW is best, JPEG easier)

– Always bring an extra memory card with you

– Put in a freshly charged battery before every session every day on location

– Bring an extra fully charged battery with you

– Make sure the camera’s sensor is clean and dust free

– Set the ISO to the lowest approx. setting for conditions imagined

– Choose the lens you anticipate using

– Make sure front and back of each lens is clean

– Make sure you have the right lens hood for each lens

– Choose an exposure mode: usually Manual or Aperture Priority

– In Manual: Set the Aperture and shutter speed to approximate settings desired

– In Aperture priority: Choose aperture according to the depth-of-field desired

– Shoot a few frames and review the exposure, to make sure you are in the ballpark

– Set your intentions for the type, style or mood of the photos you want to make

– Be prepared for the unexpected, leave room for serendipity

– Remember your purpose yet don’t hold on too tight as you may miss new or even better opportunities!


© Douglas Beasley 2017