Kathleen on the Bridge, Taos, New MexicoWith Douglas Beasley

Invest in your artistic growth and move your photography or career forward with a Mentorship.


Work one-on-one with Doug to refine your creative vision, focus your photographic talents and advance your artistic and/or career goals with a Mentorship Program.

Your mentorship begins with a comprehensive discussion, overview and analysis of your current strengths and weakness’ along with an assessment of your artistic development: where you are, where you’ve been, where you are headed and most importantly, what are your artistic and photographic goals.

From there you can choose to jump-start your creative development with a three-day intensive private workshop (time and place to be determined together). Or spend time together in whatever form is easiest for you to start the mentorship process and integrate it into your home/family/life experience. During this time you will both focus on your needs and desires for artistic growth and your creative and/or professional aspirations, while examining all aspects of your creative process as well as explore options for further development of photographic skills.

The mentor relationship continues throughout the year via individual in-person, phone, email or video chat sessions every one to two weeks, providing the creative support you need to keep you on track and held accountable to achieve your personal and professional goals. It can also include photo assignments, writing assignments, as well as photo reviews and constructive criticism of work in progress. Each mentorship is unique and is custom designed for exactly what you need and what is most effective for you to achieve your personal goals rather than fitting your individual needs into a pre-determined schedule or syllabus. 

Three-day Intensive Private Workshop: Doug will custom design your time together around your needs and desires for growth based on a holistic approach, examining all aspects of your creative process. It can be held at the Trade River Retreat Center, his secluded private NW Wisconsin retreat center, at Doug’s office/studio in Saint Paul, MN or or a combination of the two locations. Gourmet, custom-made healthy meals will be prepared for you from fresh organic or locally-sourced ingredients by our own personal chef and served in a casual, relaxed setting. Private lodging and all transportation during the workshop are also provided. Models or subjects can also be provided (you would pay nude models directly, if desired). The workshop can also be held at a location of your choosing (such as Santa Fe, the Badlands of South Dakota or your own home or studio), with airfare and lodging provided by you. A second participant of your choosing can also attend the private workshop with you or you can have the time alone one-on-one with Doug to focus on yourself.

Timing: Your mentorship start date can be any time of year, depending upon Doug’s schedule and what is the best timing for you. It is also possible to put the Mentorship on hold for a month during your year if you need a break or are going traveling etc. Then you can resume when you are back and ready to go again.

This mentorship is certain to provide forward momentum for your photographic path.

May you have the wisdom to enter generously into your own unease
to discover the new direction your longing wants you to take.

 –John O’Donohue

Your mentorship includes:
    • A pre-workshop consultation
    • Guidance in all areas of your photography
    • Creative renewal and discovery
    • Uncovering and/or refining your artistic direction
    • Review and overhaul of your personal artistic process
    • Review and critique of past bodies of work, looking for threads and themes
    • Ongoing review of your artistic development
    • Review and critique of work-in-progress
    • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly phone or in-person meetings
    • Goal setting and developing an action plan for implementing goals
    • Development of a vision-plan based on your intended direction

Your mentorship can also include:
    • Portfolio building or review, critique and analysis
    • Review and critique of your website with specific suggestions for improvement
    • Analysis of your on-line presence
    • Preparing image submissions for publication, exhibition or photo contests
    • Analysis of which photo competitions and exhibits are worth submitting to
    • Preparing, editing and designing a photo book for publication 
    • Preparing and editing an on-demand or self-published published book
    • Finding the right gallery or exhibit space for your work
    • Submitting your work for a gallery exhibit or for gallery representation
    • Finding your place in the art market; local, national or international
    • Developing and implementing your marketing and promotional plan
    • Creating identity and branding materials, etc.
    • Custom photo assignments and exercises, in studio or on location
    • Review and analysis of tools used; camera, computer, software, printer
    • Image review and critique of assignments, based upon your personal goals
    • Analysis of your technical process: exposure, development, etc.
    • Image editing and corrections using Bridge, Lightroom, Photoshop or iPhoto
    • More effective use of natural light
    • On-camera, off-camera strobe and studio lighting set up and use
    • Photo shoots done together could include models/nudes/portraits
    • Technical advice and training
    • Fine-tuning and refining your B&W darkroom or digital printing skills

Student Testimonials About This Workshop:
“Doug has become my mentor. He has a generous spirit that is always encouraging, insightful, and thought provoking. Doug’s never-wavering focus on his art, along with his openness to share his rich knowledge, has transformed my life as an artist.”
– Marti Corn, graphic designer and photographer

More Testimonials

“I think Doug Beasley was born a teacher. He has a gift he wants to share with everyone around him. He looked at and talked to me about my work. I assisted him on some commercial shoots. We went on photo adventures but I think the best advice that he gave me was to see with my heart not with my camera. For Doug it is always how the photograph feels, not what it looks like. He also really taught me to be spiritual in my process. He taught me that the relationship between the photographer and his subject is one of the most important things to creating meaningful and authentic work. This is some thing that I didn’t know how to understand or talk about as a young photographer. As an elder, as someone who had been successful at what I wanted to do, Doug gave me permission to be the kind of photographer I wanted to be. We share a similar aesthetic and background and that really cemented our connection to each other. I know that he has mentored countless people through his kind and giving nature. He follows his photographic vision and that is an inspiration to everyone that meets him and sees his work.”
Raoul Benavides, Flashlight Photorentals, Owner, Minneapolis, MN

“Thank you for your inspiration, motivation and friendship. Your guidance has resulted in measurable growth in my photography. Your support and confidence regarding my work has been a positive aspect of my life during the past year.”
– Paul Winger, Saint Paul, MN

“Doug has been an invaluable friend and mentor to me. He has guided me toward my own way (not his way or someone else’s way) of an artistic life. He has taught me to be a better photographer through encouragement rather than criticism or fear, and I will be forever grateful that he has shared with me.”
Sarah Rust Sampedro, Minneapolis, MN

“Doug has deepened my passion for this art form by expanding my understanding of an image and its statement, teaching me to trust my vision, and guiding me in both discovering and accomplishing my goals and desires in this field.
The physical distance between you two will not be a barrier for your relationship. Though I have taken a handful of workshops with Doug, most of my learning has been achieved via email, phone calls and video-conference.
I have had the opportunity to work under some iconic photographers and have learned that their talent does not necessarily make them good teachers. Douglas Beasley, however, is a great teacher, a man who is passionate and dedicated to his craft and has an extraordinary gift for sharing his knowledge. I am honored to call him my mentor. And yes, the money you spend will be a wise investment.
Marti Corn, Corn Creative Graphic Design, owner and photographer, Houston, TX


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DATES: Mentorships are very limited so please email or call for availability.

COST: $9,600.00 for one year, including all-inclusive three-day private workshop.
$5,900.00 for six-months, including all-inclusive three-day private workshop.
(Deposit of $500 paid to Vision Quest).

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