“An empty road is the gentlest invitation. A call to the hero and the wanderer, a place of returning and departure. The tangible and familiar shapes of rocks, wind, trees and shadows flicker nearby as we pass, while the curve in the distance reminds us of the steady presence of a world beyond our world. A road is the perfect container of both what is in front of us, and the limitless adventure of the unknown.

Each piece seems to provide a quiet and tender resting place for the soul to consider itself, to affirm itself, and to delight in instantly familiar ground. The work has a quality of both expanding us, and sending us wandering back through the paths of our most private and important questions.

The series is a story made possible by a traveler – whose vision of this enormous world nonetheless finds a way to beckon us back to our simplest and most sacred home.”

-Barb Prindle

All images made on a Hasselblad panoramic camera on Tri-X film.