This series explores how our American landscape is being quickly and profoundly changed in a permanent way by rampant over-development. Although the outer edge of suburbia is being hit hardest, it is happening in all areas of the country, both rural and urban.

What will be lost and what will be gained if these places continue to be developed? Does development of the land change or remove its ‘spirit’? Does that then translate to our own ability to connect with spirit or a sense of the divine? Or are they just places to be used for the common good and thus an inevitable byproduct of ‘progress’?

My intent is not to document the destruction of forests, fields and vacant lots but to explore the emotional impact this brings. My desire is to photograph how these spaces feel rather than how they look. I want to experience and know for myself what we are losing forever.

All images were made with a wooden 4×5 field camera on Polaroid Type 55 film.

Funded by a McKnight Photography Fellowship