Travel Security


– Go simple.

– Don’t wear an expensive watch or expensive jewelry.

– Buy a cheap watch to wear during your travels.

– Pants with Velcro or buttoning pockets can be good for money, credit cards, etc.

– Project a calm, secure, confidant image. Try not to be paranoid.

– Try not to be suspicious of others but don’t be naive.

– Keep an awareness of your surroundings.

– Remain openhearted, but be smart without being suspicious.

– Please help look out for each other’s health, safety and well being.



– When you go out only bring one credit card and just enough cash you need for the day.

– Don’t flaunt your cash or expensive camera gear.

– Keep only a small amount of cash in an easily accessible pocket.

– Put the rest in a secure pocket or hiding place.



– A Backpack style bag looks less like expensive photo gear than a regular camera bag.

– Older, well-worn bags stick out less than a fancy new one.

– If it’s a shoulder bag, wear the strap across your shoulder rather than over one shoulder.

– In a crowd, bring your camera bag to your front and hold it with both arms.

– A photo vest can be useful but is like a big red flag saying you have expensive toys.



– Digitally scan your passport and keep the file on your computer.

– Email a copy to yourself and one to a friend in case your computer is lost or stolen.

– Make two printed copies. Keep one in your camera bag and one in your luggage.

– You will need to bring your passport to exchange money or get a cash advance.

– If you don’t need it keep it in your room.


©Douglas Beasley 2013